Kluane, Part I

I left Homer on Sunday, but ran into a traffic problem leaving the peninsula and, when there’s a traffic accident on a 2-lane, well, you just sit and wait, which is what I did. About four hours later, I pulled into Palmer, a neat little town that also happened to have a golf course. I decided to relax the next day and play golf with a young guy, traveling from Central America to the Prudhoe Bay in northern Alaska. His name was Micah, his dog’s name was Huck. The latter is a blue heeler (an Australian cattle dog). What a beautiful little guy. On Tuesday, I left Palmer, passed the Matanuska Glacier and arrived in Beaver Creek. This morning it was off to Kluane (pronounced clue-ah-nee) and eventually Haines. There are more photos to share than I could include in just one blog. Kluane, Part II, follows tomorrow — or maybe Friday!

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    1. Yes, I was talking to a guy after we played who said an eagle had swooped down once and flown away with his ball on that same course. Didn’t happen to me, but I would have enjoyed “making” an eagle.

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