Mostly photos…

…from the Grand Tetons. Hoping these go through along with a few previous posts. One of the photos below, with houses in the foreground, is of a Mormon settlement dating back to the 1880s. The haze that obscures the mountains in the background is actually smoke from fires to the west. Currently in Pinedale, Wyoming, en route to Utah.

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  1. So, I’m quite impressed with your photography skills! Who knew? Just ordered a telephoto lens myself today – as you have spurred me on for a trip to Alaska in September!!!!


  2. I agree with Annie…I think I have already mentioned that your photography has been extremely impressive. I see another career in your future!!! Sounds like you were very taken with Wyoming and the Tetons. Also, glad you missed the northern Ca fires. They look frightful!!! Carry on…it looks like you are right on schedule!


    1. Twi: Yes, love Wyoming. I will return some day to visit Yellowstone and the Tetons, but probably in the fall when it’s less crowded. Just mailed a postcard to the Spataros. Hope they and you are all well!


  3. So impressed by your blog and photo-journalism, Jim. Definitely inspiring, yet I keep thinking that being there is nothing like reporting or photographing what you are seeing. Love that you are putting yourself out there for the full experience. Thank you.


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