Almost there…

It’s hard, very hard, sometimes to let go and say good-bye, and yet, in our heart of hearts, we know it’s the right thing to do — whatever the moment, circumstance or relationship. And then we move on. Thanks again…to new friends and old friends and the life blood that connects us all. Vaya con dios.

That’s all folks!

Time to move on…and wrap things up. Hey, it’s election eve and, I know, great concerns no matter what your political persuasion. I hope this blog of mine has given you a chance to pause and reflect, to question, to smile and, most important, to step forward and do what you feel most strongly about. And also to get a sense of this wonderful country and the people who continue to make it so.

Time to move on

The Tom Petty song by that title was great inspiration for me as I traveled thousands of miles across Canada and the U.S. this year to view spectacular sites, take part in great adventures and meet amazing people. I’ve been back now about six weeks and, though the road will always be a part of me, understand that it is time to move on with my life here in Concord. So I’ll be wrapping up my roadtrippin blog with 2-3 more posts featuring mostly photos that I wanted to post, but never got around to. Again, many thanks to all who joined me on this journey and who, I feel, even now, are with me in spirit. My best to each and every one.

Doggin’ it again (part I)

For some reason, the following posted as a Page last week instead of a Blog. Not sure why, but anyway am posting this once again. It should be visible when you click on the link, although it will be out of sequence with a few earlier posts…

Yes, you are not quite done with my travel blog (perhaps, you never will be), but I probably have only a few more thoughts and messages left to share as I return to this somewhat sane regular life of mine. As promised, here are a few of the “other” wonderful — and furry — friends met along the way.

Doggin’ it (Part III)

Hope you have all been able to view the past two blog updates (Doggin’ it, Parts I & II). At any rate, here’s the third installment… and apologies to my canine friends met, but omitted.

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