A long time

It’s been a good while since I posted anything on my roadtrippin blog from 2018, and I’m sure by now many of my fellow travelers and new-found friends have moved on to exciting pathways and passages of their own.

Since then, I’ve learned some (who I didn’t know) have been faithful followers, and some (who I do) never got an update. I don’t know how this all works, but, I do know it works better than me!

Anyway, I’m now trying to establish a dog walking and dog sitting business of my own these days — that’s my new pathway. At the same time, I’m just rambling around the woods and trails of Concord. And hence, this post.

Walking over a wooded hill, there was an explosion of leaves 40 yards away — and a blur of fur. You could tell, even at a distance, the coyote only wanted to get away.

I guessed at the size and speed. Fifty, minus or plus a pound or two. Sizzling fast, but also elegant in his escape.

Had the chasing lab caught up, it would not have gone well.

It was about the wildness. And a beautiful moment.

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