TR, Part II

Teddy Roosevelt National Park is actually divided into two parts — the South Unit and the North Unit. Both are incredibly beautiful; the South is larger with more varied terrain, while the North Unit contains more animals, mountain lions and elk among them. And as I was checking into the Visitor Center at the North Unit yesterday morning, bison were casually walking around not more than 30 feet from the building. The weather has been a little dicey, with tornado warnings included, but so far none have touched down. The following photos were taken yesterday at the North Unit.

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    1. Hi! Great hearing your voice! The park looks beautiful….I have always wanted to see a tornado from afar….did you have any pictures of crazy horse? I saw it in 2011 and wondered how far they have gotten with it…. what are you doing for your birthday? Happy early bday! Xoxo


      1. Yes, don’t know what I did before but looks like we’re good now. I didn’t actually see the tornado touch down, but heard there was one only 25 miles from where I was driving at about 5 pm yesterday. Whoa boy!

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      2. Hey, thanks. I’m currently in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. A neat little town just south of Saskatoon. Beautiful day today.


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