Like a magnet…

… I was drawn to the town of Moose Jaw in Canada’s Saskatchewan province. How could anyone not be?!? Apparently the name comes from the First Nations people who called the nearby waterway “moosichappishannissippi” (easy for me to say!), which means “the creek that bends like a moose’s jaw.” Anyway, Moose Jaw, which bills itself as The Friendly City, is a charming big-little town of about 35,000, with a colorful past that includes it “possibly” being the center of Al Capone’s Canadian bootlegging operations during prohibition. Whether true or not, there’s no denying its claim to being friendly, and I could not have found a better place to celebrate my 68th birthday!

7 thoughts on “Like a magnet…

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  1. Love it! Love the Indian poster! Surprised you didn’t jump in with those kids…. the water must be freezing!!! Xoxo gladyou had a good bday!!!


  2. I thought about jumping in for a minute; it looked really refreshing. The kids were having a great time, yelling and laughing. It was just fun to watch them.


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