Banff to Jasper

It took about five hours to make the drive — about 180 miles — between those two towns on the Icefields Highway. It could have taken a lot longer. Practically every bend in the road revealed an incredibly beautiful site — glaciers, jagged mountain tops, turquoise lakes, and then there was the wildlife: long-horned goats, Rocky Mountain sheep, mama bear with her cubs, elk, bald eagles. Peyto Lake, shown in one of the photos, is actually bluer than it looks.

10 thoughts on “Banff to Jasper

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  1. Absolutely FABULOUS photos, and loving your comments. Travel safe. Watch out for all them critter out thar!


  2. who’s he calling old man? you sound like a kid on christmas morning! I can imagine these sights moved you deeply in and inexpressible way, only to surface in passages from your kindred wilderness writers. Inspiring bud!


    1. Hey, Jim: Yes, the early-morning hikes are the best. No one else on the trails and everything is awakening and fresh. Just beautiful country.


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