Kluane, Part II

The Kluane National Park and Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the southwest corner of the Yukon, is dominated by glaciers and filled with valleys and lakes that are frozen year-round. It shares a vast land area with Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve, which contains the greatest number of peaks over 16,000 feet on the continent. By way of comparison, the latter is six times the size of Yellowstone. I passed these and other parks, stopping for photos and short hikes along the way en route to Haines, noted for its bald eagle population, hiking trails and beautiful bay. While there I camped out on a beach where I met three young men from Newcastle University in the UK. They had just returned from camping out on a glacier where they had collected samples and studied environmental activities on the glacier and its surrounding waters.

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    1. I saw 4-5 in Haines and then another one on top of a light pole as I pulled into Whitehorse about an hour ago. I was hoping to see one swoop down on a fish in the bay, but no luck in that regard.

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    1. That was taken at Kathleen Lake, a little south of Haines Junction. A black bear crossed the highway about 100 yards ahead of me as I was driving today, but he scampered across the road pretty quickly and was gone by the time I got to where he was.


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