You bet!

When you stop at a 7-11 for a cold drink and snack and see people playing slot machines, you know you’re in Nevada. Passing by Reno en route to Elko, I saw a sign for the Great Basin NP. That would probably be a good visit some time, but not so much in the heat of summer with temps well into the 100s. Just outside of Elko is the California Trail Interpretive Museum, detailing the westward travels of people seeking a new life in the 1800s. An expression for the challenges and struggles those pioneers faced was “seeing the elephant.” Route 80 parallels a good portion of the trail. It’s a tough drive; I couldn’t imagine making that journey on foot. The Nevada landscape, full of mountains, buttes, sage brush and desert is beautiful but harsh, and I have no idea where they get their water from.

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  1. Nevada is not my favorite. I have never been to Vegas, but have been to Reno in 1985 for a youth Hockey Tournament. The landscape is desolate.


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