Chasing you home

At times in the past few weeks, it’s felt like that. The first 90-95 days of this trip have been wonderful… hot and dry at times, but overall, wonderful. The rainy and windy last few weeks not so much, with first, Hurricane Gordon, and now, Ms. Florence nipping at my heels. But no complaints; I just haven’t been able to camp out as I had hoped to do on my return trip. As I drove north today on 81 in Virginia, I saw a convoy of electrical repair pick-up trucks, perhaps 15-20, heading south to assist their brothers and sisters in North Carolina. Good stuff. This is what we have done — and continue to do for friends in need. I’ve spent the past few days with friends in western Carolina, hiking, learning about Raphael Guastavino and his amazing architectural work, and trying to outperform the amazing feats of some amazing quadrupeds. In regards to the latter, I failed miserably! Thoughts and prayers to my friends in Lawrence, Andover and North Andover.

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