Rounding third…

…and heading for home! I visited the wonderful Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY, today, September 17, 2018, and then, after some self-debate, just decided to book it home to 88-87-90-290-495-2-and finally 231 Elsinore. An easy trek eastward; unlike most of my trip, these are all roads I’ve traveled before. This is my last post of new, wonderful, different places that I have had the incredible good fortune and blessing to acknowledge and bow down to since I departed on May 17 (still hard to believe). I am truly humbled to be a part of this amazing universe. Thanks to everyone who accompanied me on this journey. I have appreciated your thoughts, spirit, and comments — more than you know– along the way; when I felt alone and didn’t know where I would rest my head that night, your collective spirit and good wishes kept me going. I will be sending a few summary, fun blogs over the next week or so. After that, not so much. To all: new friends and old, please keep in touch. Look forward to seeing everyone soon. And, again, most of all, THANK YOU!! You have inspired me to keep this journey going!

Days: 124. States: 27. Miles: 23,312. ER visits: 1. Tick bites: 1 (that I know of). Flat tires: 1. Trips of 60+ miles to enjoy a piece of Juneberry pie: 1. Oil changes: 7. Rounds of golf: 3. Fish caught: 7. Hikes (1-mile plus): 26. Hikes (8-miles plus): 2. Boat rides: 4; ferries: 2. Nights camping: 46; nights camping under the stars: 1. Bugs (mosquitoes and otherwise): can’t provide an accurate number, but it was amazingly low. Favorite towns/cities (in no particular order): Dawson City, Harpers Ferry, Strasbourg, Luckenbach, Whitehorse, Fairbanks, Sequim, Santa Fe, Natchez, Oxford, Fredericksburg, Memphis, Moose Jaw, Waynesville, Ozona, Corning, Shingletown. There are many more. These are just the first few that come to mind.

National Parks visited: not sure, but definitely on the north side of 10. Favorite NP: All great, but Olympic National Park in Washington State stands out, and the person I met on the edge of the ONP, is why it gets the nod.

Cheers and warm wishes to all.


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  1. Congrats for accomplishing such a journey! You inspired me to go to Alaska sooner rather than later….glad you are home…. was worried about Florence at your heels! See you soon. Xoxo


  2. We will miss your blogs but have missed you more, so will be glad to have you back home! Stef and Rich ________________________________


  3. Such a cool blog, Jim. I imagine you’ll be an armchair presenter at one of these local (vicarious), opportunities to share. Jake and I booked a 2 week flight to Santa Fe after we read your post from there. We are heading there in Feb., so we’ll have to pick your brain before then. Your son looks so much like you, btw. Congratulations and welcome back.


    1. Hey, thanks, Maureen. And thanks for being one of my most frequent commenters. I always looked forward to seeing what you had to say. Great to hear that you and Jake will be visiting Santa Fe and I’d love to meet with you beforehand, perhaps over a beer or two! Brian’s a great kid; just wish that he would stop growing — or that I would stop shrinking!🤓


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