On the banks of the Chena

The Chena River that is, which wends its way through the mid-Alaska city of Fairbanks, home to the University of Alaska, an Army and Air Force base, several nearby wildlife areas, an aviation museum and a wonderful visitor and cultural center. At one of the wildlife areas, I saw a large flock of sandhill cranes (in one of the following photos you can just barely make them out; they’re pretty far away), but also encountered a large flock of mosquitoes, and when they get on you, they get on you. All in all a neat town (it’s Alaska’s 2nd largest city) and very accessible. In anticipation of almost no darkness, I sought refuge at HooDoo’s, where I was told all the native Fairbanksans go!

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    1. Unfortunately, the bears aren’t waiting for me. Perhaps, if I stop singing while I’m hiking, I might have a better chance of not scaring them away.


    1. Steve: HooDoo’s was really good. Interesting concept: They sold growlers, full and half-size, but you could only order — and drink — 2 pints on site. The outside was really cool with benches, tables and stand-up decks. It’s a really popular local spot, but their season is short.


  1. So glad you put this blog together. Lots of interesting information to be sure. Any plans to pan for gold? If you strike it rich, remember me!


    1. I don’t think the odds of finding gold are good, but a lot of people up here still try. However, if I were to find some, I would definitely send you a nugget or two!


    1. Dan: I was thinking about the salmon, but they are in decline and the licensing process is a little convoluted. So…no fishing for me in the northwest, but Wyoming beckons.

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