Start swimming

That would be one way to get to Seldovia if…you’re an otter, orca or beluga whale, all of which on any day might be spotted in the waters between Homer and the town to its west on a ferry ride across the bay. With water temps now in the 40s and often choppy 2-3 foot waves, a ferry would be the preferred human way to travel. Seldovia was home to Athabaskan Indians, Aleuts and Eskimos for hundreds of years and settled by Russian traders, trappers and fishermen in the 1870s. The town was devastated by an earthquake in 1964 but has since recovered and is now home to a year-round population of 300. From May-September people like Steve Bainbridge, who runs an inn and cafe in town, also call Seldovia home. The ferry I was on also motored past Gull Island, site of numerous birds rarely seen elsewhere, including puffins. Without looking it up, does anyone know what pelagic means?

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    1. Annie: Not that cold; I just had the down jacket on for the trip across the bay. So amazed by the different — and strong spirited — people who embrace this extraordinary land and country.

      who embrace this li is


  1. What an experience you are having…not just adventure but learning too! I have no clue what that word means…looking it up now!


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