“It is Magnificent”

That is the translation of “Takakkaw,” the name given by the Cree Indians to describe the 254-meter waterfall that cascades down one of the craggy peaks in Yoho National Park. You can walk almost right up to the falls and feel the soft mist on your face or observe it from a short distance, which I was able to do when I opened the flap of my tent each morning. “Magnificent” does not quite do it justice. Yoho is the smallest of Canada’s four contiguous National Parks (507 square miles), but packs a lot into that area, much of which I was able to see on a 10.5 mile hike on Thursday. Leaving for Washington the next day I stopped in the town of Hope (still in British Columbia). Does anyone know what Oscar-nominated film was shot in Hope in 1982. Hint: it wasn’t actually nominated, but a great film nonetheless! The answer is below.

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  1. Very cool. First Blood ! Is that a beard or just an overly zealous application of sunscreen on your chin?


  2. No, the beard has to go when you get back to civilization! I worry about you in a tent…. what about the bears or mountain lions? they could eat you… beard and all. Some of the new haven folks signed up for your blog and aren’t getting it! Stay well!!! Xoxo


    1. Annie: The link to my blog is: roadtrippin567889798.wordpress.com

      They should be able to click on that link and connect. They may not always get an update from me (I always send one to you, Twi and the kids), but clicking on the link should bring them to the site. I sent an update to Kathleen. Do you know if she received it?

      Quick BTW, I met a guy today in Washington whose grandmother was born on Martha’s Vineyard. Guess where his mom was born…? Southington!! Pretty crazy, no?!?

      Don’t worry about the bears. Driving is a bigger concern, but I’ve been very careful—and driving with my eyes on the road.

      Also, thanks for your interest and comments. You are definitely my most loyal follower. Please give my buddy Wilson a big hug. I miss you both.

      Love, Jimmy

      Sent from my iPhone



    2. Annie: Folks in Alaska — in some parts, anyway — may take objection to your civilization reference. I don’t, and I am kind of liking the more hirsute me. So far, the beard has elicited two positive responses — and one from a very cute woman — unfortunately, married — from Montreal!


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