On the other side

Across from the hustle and bustle of Seattle lies the most northwesterly part of Washington state — home to rain forests, beautiful beaches, waterfalls (lots of them), the Olympic National Park and…the John Wayne Marina! Wayne frequented the area and his family donated the land where the marina now sits in the 1980s. The marina is part of Sequim (pronounced “squim”), where I decided to do some catch-up work (car, laundry). It’s considered the lavender capital of America and purple is the town’s dominant color. At Sequim’s far southeastern end is the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge, where a 5-mile walk along the beach will take you to a still-working lighthouse. Mount Baker, barely visible in one of the following photos, looms in the background.

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    1. Twi: Hmmm… I could go on and on about this, but I will keep it short. “Our world” — east of the Hudson R. — is a tiny slice of No. America. There are amazingly intelligent, self-sufficient, hardworking people who don’t care where you’re from or where you’re going — and… who happen to live somewhere else. Oh, BTW, I met a guy the other day whose mom was born in Southington!


  1. Jim, continuing to enjoy your travel blog with every post. You have captured some amazing pictures and stories along the way. Looking forward to what adventures lay ahead for you!


    1. Bill: Good to hear. It has been an amazing trip so far. I’m trying to capture a part of it in my blog, but mainly hope it serves as inspiration to others to set out some day and enjoy this incredible country of ours. All best, and hope to see you next time I visit Westfield.


  2. Also enjoying that I get to follow your trip through your blog. The stories, the people, the landscapes and the informative signs have been entertaining and enlightening. Thanks for sharing with us Jim.


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