Another world

It has sometimes felt like that to me, gazing down from Hurricane Ridge above Port Angeles and looking out to glacial ridges, snow-capped mountains hovering to east and west, and the immense Pacific cresting beyond. Hurricane Ridge is a gateway — and great introduction — to Olympic Nat’l Park, a true gem in our National Parks system. Leaving Port Angeles today I drove out to Cape Flattery and Shi Shi beach, the latter just north of an amazing archaeological discovery of the Makahs, dating back more than 500 years. As I walked along the muddy trail to the beach, I thought about how it was not just a different world, but a different planet, and how the things I saw within a finger’s reach were things I had not seen  before and would probably not see again.

I also thought about John, the motel manager, when I returned my key to check out this morning and asked him if he still did any fish guiding or charters. “No,” he said, “I can barely walk now without a cane.” He told me how he had signed up to be a cook, but when they found out he could handle a gun, it was front lines, infantry. Vietnam, ’67-’69. “Agent orange,” he said with a soft smile. He and his wife moved to Sequim from Clallam when John returned from Vietnam. A better school system, he was told. His two kids are doctors now, doing well in Bellingham. John and wife still reside in Clallam.

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    1. Steve: Hey, thanks, Bud. I had just returned from breakfast at a diner next door when I had that conversation with John. I knew he liked to fish from a previous conversation and thought he might still do some guiding. Not an ounce of remorse about the hand he’s been dealt. And so life moves on..,


  1. So beautiful!!! Loved the Vietnam Vet story- so sad. I did a project on Agent Orange in College- awful stuff….


    1. Hey, thanks, Charlene. It’s hard not to take good pictures; the scenery and landscapes here are so spectacular. Hiking to the beach, I got a “little” mud on my sneaks and even more on me. Spent a few minutes on the beach rinsing everything off!


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