Into the blue

That’s where you’ll be when you visit Crater Lake, Oregon’s only National Park and our country’s fifth oldest, established in 1902. I took a trolley ride around the lake, which lasted for about two hours — and highly recommend it if you should ever go. Lake Crater highlights, besides its dazzling blue color? The NP ranger who accompanied us on the ride had a top 10 list. Here are a few: at a depth reaching 1,943 feet the deepest lake in the U.S.; also, perhaps, the body of water with the greatest visibility in the world — 143 feet; annual snowfall — 43 feet; and, created by a massive volcanic eruption some 7,700 years ago. Oh, and btw, it’s still considered an active volcano! Before Crater Lake, I stopped in Corvallis, home of the Oregon Beavers, passed through Sisters, a beautiful little town, and spent a night in Bend. Leaving Bend, I spent some time at the High Desert Museum, just off Rte 97. It’s outstanding, and through a display of permanent and changing exhibits, paints a wonderful picture of the area’s history, people and culture.

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    1. Rob: Yes, the beard worked well when I was in Alaska and the Yukon. Now, not that much. Plus, it was getting a little itchy. The folks in front of me on the trolley were from Green Bay.


    1. I did not spot any out of the ordinary, but a guy I met in No. Bend last night showed me a picture of a cougar just outside his cabin in Agness, up in the mountains. It was big!


    1. Dan: Yes, the PCT is close by. I’ve seen several PCT signs on my travels. The lake’s perimeter is about 31 miles; at its widest, 6.1 miles. A good swim to be sure!

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  1. That went through…Anyway my comment was…This picture of the lake with all the blue was your best yet…beautiful scenery!!!
    Also, on my way to Palmer’s grocery store on Saturday night around 6:00, a deer came out of nowhere…hit the right corner of my car and landed on the roof with the sun roof open and scattered into the brush. I was OK…my car not so!
    Moral of the story… You don’t need to travel far and wide to encounter the wild!!!


    1. Twi: Oh, my gosh… good to hear you’re okay. I’ve had a few birds hit the windshield and a few close encounters with deer, but that’s about it. Yes, sometimes the wild is right in your own backyard!


  2. Jim,

    Great update about Santa Fe etc. Great place.
    If you get up to Cody, Wyoming check out Buffalo Bill museum. Best collecting of rifles that I have ever seen.

    Keep on trucking.

    See you in the Concord Library when you return.



    1. Bob: I’ll have to save that for my next trip. Just pulled into Carlsbad, NM, and after the caverns will be heading east to San Antonio and Austin. Hope you’ve been racking up the wins — and big bucks — in the scramble!!


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