Did someone say Santa Fe?

I wanted to visit New Mexico because of the good things I had heard about Taos. And while I liked Taos, I really liked Santa Fe. And what’s not to like: friendly people, incredible history, magnificent art in wonderful museums, great food, a wide variety of outdoor sports and, oh, did I mention friendly people?!? On a hike today in the foothills of the Sangre de Christo mountains, I took a wrong turn (yes, I know, this has happened before), but, fortunately, a hiking couple offered me a ride back to my car, saving my feet from more wear and tear than they deserved. The kindness of strangers has been a special part of this trip. But back to Santa Fe: the capital of New Mexico, at 7,000 feet it is the highest elevation capital in the U.S., one of the oldest cities dating back to the 1500s, and probably has more world-class museums per capital than anywhere else in the U.S., if not the world. I visited the Georgia O’Keefe and New Mexico History Museums today, both outstanding. And then there are the churches. At times I felt I was in 15th century Italy — or Spain. But Taos is no slouch. Highlights for me were the Taos Museum at Fechin House, Taos Pueblo, and the Kit Carson house and museum. I particularly enjoyed the latter because I was offered the opportunity to hoist a .50 caliber Hawken rifle featured in one of my favorite movies, Jeremiah Johnson. And if all that Santa Fe and Taos have to offer isn’t enough, the landscape surrounding them and trips en route are spectacular. Most important, I met — and made — some wonderful new friends while here. Almost forgot to mention: this is Day 100 of my road trip, and I wouldn’t take back a moment. Well, maybe one or two!

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  1. I so want to visit Santa Fe, Jim. Thanks for the inspiration. I just read a prelude to Parker Palmer’s latest book: “On the Brink of Everything – Grace, Gravity & Getting Old.” He mentions Santa Fe specifically, where he wrote the prelude. As he nears 80, he reflects; “At my age, the napping, eating, and sky gazing are no stretch. But out on a mountain trail, I feel both grace and gravity more keenly than when I first came here in my mid-sixties.”


    1. Maureen: I’m not familiar with Parker Palmer but that book sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing. I will share a story with you in regard to what he wrote when I get back. Think you would love Santa Fe: great outdoor stuff (including golf courses) and a vibrant arts community. A very cool place.


  2. Loved Maureen’s bit there. Your entries are delectable, cousin, and inspiring. I’m sure generating your share of dinner conversations amongst the folks who meet you each day. You did mention …… friendly people! Happy trails!


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