Let’s go…

…to Luckenbach, Texas, with Waylon, Willie and the boys. Country music fans will recognize the town’s name and lyrics that proved to be a huge hit for Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson back in the ’70s. Luckenbach, population 3, is a tiny, dirt road enclave in the beautiful hill country of central Texas, almost equidistant from Austin and San Antonio, and just off Route 290. While those two cities are wonderful, with plenty to recommend — historic and otherwise — I especially enjoyed Fredericksburg, settled by German immigrants in 1846. Luckenbach is just a three-mile turnoff from Fredericksburg but don’t blink because you will miss it if you do. What’s to do in Fredericksburg? Hmmm…there’s the War in the Pacific Museum (they give you a three-day pass because there’s more at the museum than you can absorb in one); the LBJ state park and White House “ranch” (Johnson was born in ’08 in nearby Johnson City); Enchanted Rock state park, a great granite outcropping that allows for a sharp ascent or side loop trails for the less vertically inclined; a Texas Ranger fort (a work in progress); reenactments; and a large number of vineyards that offer wine tastings. And music — lots and lots of music; if you’re a picker, bring your geetar, fiddle or banjo (Rich — !!). There are also wonderful unique shops on Fredericksburg’s Main Street. But all that said, if you are in the area, Luckenbach — where “everybody’s somebody” — is a must.

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